I heard someone mention salted caramel ice cream the other day, and I immediately had to get my hands on some.  I’m sure you can buy it at the grocery store, but that thought didn’t cross my mind until now.  Instead my first thought was “David Lebovitz,” the source of all great things ice cream.  I checked his website, and, as expected, he had just what I was looking for: a recipe for salted butter caramel ice cream.  It’s phenomenal.  Even my super foodie friend, Santo, thinks so, which is good since I pawned most of the final product off on him.

Salted caramel can be tough to execute successfully, whether in candy form or in ice cream form.  There’s a fine line between being decadent and being overly rich, and it’s a line you don’t want to cross.  I had some salted caramel ice cream last fall at Molly Moon’s in Seattle that was edging toward the too rich category, and I could hardly finish half of the bowl before ditching it for the water fountain.  This version, on the other hand, is pretty much perfect – not too salty, not to sweet.

Click here for the recipe: Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

Chilling the custard.

Almost done churning.  It looks kind of like a Wendy’s frosty, but it puts the frosty to shame when it comes to flavor.  Plus, this ice cream contains eggs, milk and cream instead of corn syrup, calcium sulfate, and cellulose gum.  In your face, Dave Thomas.

Success in a bowl.  The recipe included a caramel praline that you stir in at the end of the churning, but I left that out because I wanted a perfectly smooth ice cream.  I figured this way I could top off each bowl with some chocolate sauce or candied peanuts or whatever else I feel like adding.

This ice cream really needs no adornment, although a tall glass of water or a shot of espresso would be nice on the side.

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