2013 Weekends – Week 47

We had a busy weekend full of fun activities like Say Yes to the Dress marathons, bitter cold football games, brunch with girlfriends and hours of productivity in the warm kitchen. Most of the food I made was on the less photogenic side, but the taste made up for any lack of beauty. Onward!


Friday night: leftover lentil soup topped with Greek yogurt and hot sauce plus the last of our egg bagels from the freezer


Saturday brunch: spinach, harissa and cheese omelet with a tangerine. Sautéing spinach in harissa until it wilts is the best idea I’ve had in a while.


Really, really cold Badger-Gopher game that was fun despite the lack of sensation in my toes


Huevos rancheros at The Lowry


Afternoon bagel baking


Matt recently requested meatloaf, so I figured I might as well go all out and serve it with sour cream mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. ‘Merica!

(I used the Meatier Meatloaf recipe from Cook’s Illustrated, and while the addition of gelatin weirded me out a bit, the meatloaf was really good. If you don’t subscribe to their website, the recipe appears to be reproduced here.)


I veered from my usual chunky, rustic mashed potatoes and put my ricer to use for this batch. Riced and mixed with butter, milk and sour cream until smooth and creamy might be my new favorite way to eat a potato.

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