2013 Weekends – Week 50

I’m on week two of life with no camera, which is both nice (less fussing, more eating) and lame (paying full price to repair the same issue I had seven months ago because I was one month outside of the repair warranty). I had brunch plans with overlapping groups of girlfriends both mornings this weekend, and we went out on Friday night, so I suppose it was a nice weekend to be┬ácamera-less.


Sweet potato, greens and scrambled egg quesadilla


Pizza and salad at Cossettas before Catching Fire


Almond-oat lace cookies that were super easy to make and taste just like toffee


Chicken tinga tacos


Fresh bagels as a housewarming gift for a friend


The highlight of brunch (other than catching up with friends, of course) was mimosas made with blood orange San Pellegrino instead of orange juice.


Ok, the gluten-free Samoas were pretty awesome, too.


The best party favors


Nachos with chicken tinga leftovers

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