2013 Weekends – Week 52

The last weekend of 2013 is history!


We had Friends Christmas on Friday night, and we stayed out way past my bedtime because the party can’t stop until someone wins Trivial Pursuit.


From a lamb roast to pulled ham, roasted root vegetables to mashed cauliflower, salad to spinach balls, we ate a lot of delicious food. Thanks, Nick and Heather!


The weather at the beginning of the weekend was incredible – sunny and 40 instead of below zero and windy, which is how the weekend ended. I went for a run on Saturday morning, and it was so nice out that I ended up going five miles instead of the usual three to four that I do in the winter before the cold gets the best of me. A gloveless run with my sleeves pushed up in late December is such a treat, and finishing it off with this breakfast was a great start to the day.


Egg sandwich with provolone, harissa and a spinach ball


That yolk!


This was the sunset from the Costco parking lot on my first day as a member. My sister-in-law convinced my mom that joining Costco was a good idea, and in turn my mom convinced herself it was a good idea for wedding-related stuff (in case we want to serve large tubs of hummus and monster boxes of cereal to our guests?), and suddenly we all have memberships. I have mixed feelings about the place and am a little weirded out by the people checking your card on the way in and checking your receipt on the way out, but I guess that’s just the nature of the beast. The other customers seemed a bit more assertive and less considerate with their giant carts than at other stores, but dang are their containers of yogurt and tubs of spinach cheap. I tried to be practical and reasonable about what I bought, which in Costco-speak means a two-pound block of cheddar, ten pounds of rolled oats, twenty-four cans of San Pellegrino and the biggest bag of tortilla chips I’ve ever seen. I saved the liquor store and the fifty-pound bags of flour for my next visit. 


Post-Costco relaxation: sipping a Manhattan and making bagels


Whenever I’m faced with a situation like this (i.e. a large object that needs cutting), I’m always tempted to pull a Beverly D’Angelo from Christmas Vacation. You know that scene where she’s in the kitchen and lights a cigarette while preparing dinner, and then her mom yells from the other room about her smoking she hacks a head of lettuce in half? That’s my siren song, which, come to think of it, explains why I like Gallagher so much. Next year for Christmas I’d like nothing more than a watermelon and a sledgehammer.


I resisted the urge to hack the pineapple in half and instead cut it into little pieces for pizza. One was pepperoni and the other was ham, pineapple and hot cherry peppers. We were hoping for banana peppers, but neither Costco nor our co-op sell them. What gives?


Buy three pounds of almonds at Costco, make a giant batch of almond butter


Egg bagels


It was too cold on Sunday to run out for cream cheese, so we had another round of egg sandwiches.

photo 1

Spinach, roasted beet and fresh mozzarella salad

photo 2

Salad + leftover pizza

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2 thoughts on “2013 Weekends – Week 52

  1. Was it the Seriously Sharp White Cheddar? That stuff is awesome and I’ve never had mold growing on it. If you ever see the dehydrated mandarin oranges, scoop them up!

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