2013 Highlights

It’s not often that I go back through old posts, but because 2013 was a huge year both in an out of the kitchen I couldn’t help but scroll through all of my posts from the year to find some favorite moments. The year started out with a brioche obsession (loaves, doughnuts, buns), and seeing those pictures reminds me that I need to make more soon, as there’s no feeling quite like having a freezer full of brioche and bagels. I turned 30 in March, had two of my best friends visit in May, and we had two sets of friends get married in June. Somewhere in there I made croissants for the first time, which was definitely a baking highlight of the year. We had a lot of family in town in the late summer/early fall and went to Chicago for a wedding in October before vacationing for a week on Kauai with my family. We came home from Hawaii tanned and engaged and dove into planning our own wedding shortly thereafter. We spent Thanksgiving in Iowa, Christmas in Wisconsin and I spent a long weekend in Chicago in between. 2013 was a great year, and I am fairly certain that 2014 will be even better.


Tartine Bread brioche


Fish tacos with my mom and brother


Brioche doughnuts


I can’t say that I remember much about this cauliflower soup, but this picture makes me want to make it again immediately. I think it’s the mustard croutons.


Matt’s Valentine’s Day crab cakes


30th birthday bloody mary bar to accompany ham and cheese yeasted waffles


My first batch of croissants


A Minnesota weekend with two of my best friends that included a night of deep-frying chicken, pickles and onions. Can we do it again soon?


We spent part of our summer monitoring the bird nest on our deck.


St. Paul wedding


I recreated the pizza pot pies from a restaurant in my old Chicago neighborhood.


My family visited, and we feasted on Brasa take-out.


Matt’s family visited, and we finally tried Bogart Loves doughnuts (now Bogart’s Doughnut Co.!).


I spent a couple of days canning tomatoes, which I can now say was totally worth it.


Weekend in Chicago for another wedding


In Hawaii, getting engaged at sunrise. The highlight of 2013.

every picture can be a ring picture


fresh fish burrito and my ring

Ring. Fresh fish burrito. Guacamole. Some of my favorite things.


I made Lasagna Bolognese from scratch twice in the last two months. It disappears quickly.


A cold but fun Wisconsin-Minnesota football game


Trying on my mom’s veil over Thanksgiving


Culinary delights in Chicago between wedding dress shopping appointments


Bone marrow, bread, beets


One of many dozens of bagels made this year


Happy New Year to you!

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One thought on “2013 Highlights

  1. Ok, so this was the second year end review that I’ve totally enjoyed! Except that it just made really hungry! Thanks Kirsten!

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