December Links

  • Spread the love…of bread starter.
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  • The cheese ball of all cheese balls, although I think I’d rather have several mini cheese balls than one massive cheese ball.
  • Speaking of cheese, I often take it for granted that we live two blocks from our co-op, which sells good, real food.  I bought mozzarella and ricotta at Target the other night for baked ziti, and it was so painfully clear from its taste and texture that the cheese was not real cheese. Next time my laziness will not prevail over good cheese.
  • I’ve slowly been organizing the recipes that I’d like to make from my stash of food magazines much like this. The list-maker in me thoroughly enjoys it, but the realist in me thinks that I’m wasting a lot of time typing.
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  • Update: I used the list! I was trying to come up with a vegetarian pizza idea, and I referenced my spreadsheet where I found a recipe for eggplant, green olive and provolone pizza. Baby steps…
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  • Do you use Spotify? Here’s my cooking playlist.
  • Two of my favorite foods, relished!
  • As a lover of mini things, these BLOW MY MIND. I want the spoon.  Or the mailbox.  Or the giraffe.

Food Truck Friday: Lobster Roll


I started my lunch break today with a run to the court records office, and when the nice guy there didn’t charge me for my copies, I decided to take the money that I’d saved* and put it toward a lobster roll from Smack Shack.  I usually try to go out of my way to eat meat on Fridays during Lent to stick it to the Catholics (Hi, Grandpa and Grandma!), but when it’s sunny and over 70-degrees in Minnesota in March and there’s a food truck selling lobster rolls a block from your office, you quickly get your priorities straight.

*my money, not a client’s